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Make sure you include:

1. Job title
2. Job location
3. Job description – minimum age where appropriate
4. Closing date
5. How to apply – email, phone number or corporate careers page
6. Company information including address, email & logo if you have one
7. Salary details

If you have multiple vacancies for the same position full or part time then you only need provide one set of information per job type. We will add the extra vacancies specifying FT/PT and the different locations.

Excellence for Training and Career Opportunities in Hospitalit

The Exmoor & Coast Centre of Excellence for hospitality is a forum of area stakeholders, partners and businesses who are working together to promote the vast opportunity, training and education in hospitality across the area.

Centre of Excellence for Businesses on Exmoor - Visit Exmoor (

Ready 2 Reopen Guide

In collaboration, Bll along with HIT Training, have produced this Ready2Reopen e-guide. Over the past year, our nation’s pubs, cafe's, restaurants and the people at the heart of them, have had to face more challenges than ever before. From navigating through the reopening protocols, to looking after their teams in an ever changing environment, our members and individuals across the wider hospitality sector, have professionally approached each challenge with spirit and determination. This guide provides you with further help and support to welcome back your teams and customers successfully. 001540 HIT Ready2Reopen Guide A5 - V3 - Web.pdf (

For other resources from HIT please see this link: Resources | HIT Training Ltd

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