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About the Ambassador Programme

The Ambassador Programme is an online training course which has been developed by West Coast 360 to assist those working within the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure industries to improve their local knowledge and customer service skills. As well as those who are interested in pursuing a career within the sector.

Having excellent local knowledge, delivering excellent customer service are key elements in the experience of visitors and in bringing them back to the area and to local businesses. 

The aim of the Programme is to ‘create Ambassadors for the West Somerset area and to improve the service that visitors to the area receive.’

Key Learning Objectives

By completing the Programme, it will help you to:

  • identify key features of the local area
  • know the importance of being an Ambassador for the area
  • understand the key elements in providing an excellent service to visitors
  • meet and exceed customer expectations
  • engage more proactively with visitors
  • deal effectively with challenging situations

How to Complete

At the end of each section there are several multiple choice questions.  Each question has several possible answers, only one is correct.  After you have completed all the questions you can move on to the next topic. After completing the module you will be able to download a certifcate of completion.

Section 1: West Somerset and the Surrounding Area

This section is particularly designed for those who have direct contact with visitors and work within the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure industries as well as those who are considering a career in the sector. The Local Knowledge section will be especially useful to those who come from outside the area.

Section 2: Customer Care Section

The Customer Care section of the Ambassador Programme has 5 topic areas – Acting as an Ambassador; Customer Expectations; Creating Impressions; Engaging with Customers and Dealing with Challenging Situations.

Each is designed to help those who offer customer care in the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure industries to improve their knowledge and the quality of service they offer.

How long will the programme take?

We suggest allowing at least 60 minutes to complete each of the two sections. Once you have created your account and started the course you can always take a break and continue at any stage.

What happens when I complete the programme

You will receive a certificate! Well done!

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