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Providing Opportunities for West Somerset

Recent economic studies focusing on the Minehead area have highlighted that in West Somerset about a third of the local workforce is employed in hospitality and tourism related jobs. This figure rises to more than half - 55% - in Minehead.

An associated study highlighted the need to support the local industry to ensure the area can provide the skilled staff needed. It also highlighted the opportunity to develop the local area as a Centre of Excellence for associated training, building on the strengths of the businesses and organisations that already exist.

As a result, a partnership group of businesses, training providers and the local District Council have developed ‘West Coast 360’ and as part of this an offer to local schools, jobseekers (i.e. the future workforce), employees (the current workforce) and businesses (Business Support).

The partners strongly believe that by developing a highly skilled, productive and efficient workforce we are more likely to see visitors returning to the area and/or recommending West Somerset to others.

Follow our facebook page for information; training and course offers and local opportunities: https://www.facebook.com/westcoast360

Future Workforce

We will inspire, motivate and start to grow the next generation of industry workers

Current Workforce

We will nurture and grow the skills of our current workforce

Business Support

We will drive up current skill levels and improve business productivity

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