About Us

Providing Opportunities for West Somerset

West Coast 360 is a partnership of local businesses, employers, training providers, statutory agencies, community organisations and the local community college. The Partnership has come together to provide skills and development opportunities for the Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure industry, with the aim of raising skills levels and prospects for individuals.

We are passionate about the industry and understand the economic benefits it brings to West Somerset and the importance of ensuring its future sustainability. We also have a real understanding of what is required for businesses and people to find success in one of the world’s fastest growing sectors.

The current industry provides opportunities in a range of areas as well as rapid progression and clear routes to management levels.

In West Somerset about a third of the local workforce is employed within the visitor economy sector.

There is an opportunity to develop the local area as a Centre of Excellence for associated training, building on the strengths of the businesses and organisations that already exist.

By developing a highly skilled, productive and efficient workforce we are more likely to see visitors returning to the area and/or recommending West Somerset to others.

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